solvent distiller: D series

ATEX certified distillers


water distiller:

DW series distillers


  • washing solvent regeneration
  • water recycling by distillation
  • solvent and water solution distillation
  • continuous or batch distillation
  • ethyl acetate, ethylic alcohol, methylic alcohol, mek, toluene, biodegradable solvent, water distiller  
  • automatic cycle
  • distillation unit heating: steam, diathermic oil, heat pump
  • ASTER solvent recovery plants ensure minimimum operator’s exposition and intervention: automatic dirty solvent loading, clean solvent delivery, waste discharge and distiller walls cleaning
  • vacuum distillation or ambient pressure distillation
  • waste solvent and exhausted water recovery for use in other washings


the washing machines and distillers using potentially flammable organic solvents, subjected to significant fire and explosion risks, are manufactured in conformity with ATEX regulations and certified as a whole by a notified body as requested by European Directive 94/9/CE

ATEX distiller classification ATEX II 2 G suitable for use in ZONE 1